Chicago Steak Company Review


Being born and raised in America, you have probably developed a taste for steaks. Steaks are one of our favorite foods whether its lunch or dinner. But acquiring the right kind of steak is not something that comes naturally to everyone. In fact a lot of people just walk down to a local store or slaughter house and obtain their steaks. The results is a boring steak that fails to tantalize the taste buds and doesn’t even provide the right nutritional values.

So where should you be buying your steaks from? The answer is Chicago Steak Company. The company has been selling steaks for over a hundred years now using secret techniques to cut the meat that have made them so popular today.

A Closer Look at the Chicago Steak Company

Their techniques have been handed down throughout the years from their ancestors and that is exactly what makes them so successful today. The company is known for providing the highest quality steak cuts from meat that is juicy, healthy and free from hormones and antibiotics.

Chicago Steak Company delivers it steaks directly to your door after you have placed an order on their website. Each and every steak goes through a very complex method of raising, trimming and aging their steak. All of their steaks are also delivered in an individually wrapped fashion to preserve the freshness, taste and flavor of the meat.

The company has made a commitment which it dearly follows to provide their customers with the finest American beef available. All of their meat pieces are acquired from cattle ranches in Midwest which is known for providing high quality meat through sustainable farming practices. The resulting piece of meat is tender, flavorful and marbling.

Another specialty of the Chicago Steak Company is that they spend around 4-6 weeks on aging each and every steak they have. This secret aging method makes sure that their meat has a flavor that you won’t find anywhere else in the United States.

Chicago Steak Company provides a variety of different cuts when it comes to steaks. So whether you are a fan of strip steaks, filet mignon, top sirloin, T-bone steaks, porterhouse, ribyes or prime rib, you’ll get something from that. They also provide premium angus beef, USDA prime wet aged, USDA prime dry aged beef and the America Wagyu.

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So what are you waiting for? If you want a great steak, try testing out Chicago Steak Company. You won’t be disappointed.