Ohio Signature Beef is your all-natural, all-local, all-flavorful alternative to other steak and hamburger brands that just don’t make the cut.

The Beef

The great taste and excellent quality of our beef comes from a commitment to better beef – from how we feed and care for our cattle to the way we process and age* the beef. We are dedicated to producing the highest quality, best tasting beef there is – naturally! So our beef is minimally processed with no artificial ingredients. Like many people, we too, are concerned about the overuse of antibiotics. Therefore, our cattle are raised without the use of antibiotics†. This way of raising cattle takes more time and is less efficient, however we are dedicated to taking the proper steps to achieve premium quality beef.

Aged for Traditionally Great Taste

The key to Ohio Signature Beef’s flavor and tenderness is our natural, aging process. We believe in taking the extra time to maintain this traditional approach to beef. One taste of delicious Ohio Signature Beef and you’ll understand why.

Our Secret to Special Flavor

Ohio Signature Beef is full of flavor. Part of the secret is in how our cattle are fed. We know that cattle raised on a corn-based diet produces beef that has a better taste. And notice the finely textured marbling of Ohio Signature Beef. It’s another sign that our beef is sure to be tender, juicy and delicious.

Premium Quality Beef

We are providing a premium quality beef, typically associated with fine restaurants and steak houses, now available for you to enjoy at home. All of our beef is hand-selected to be USDA Choice quality or higher, and is graded and certified by the USDA to meet our quality specifications.

Nothing Artificial

We do not use any growth-stimulating hormones on our cattle, nor do we feed any animal by-products to our cattle.

* Aged for a minimum of seven days.
† Never ever had growth hormones or antibiotics


Fast Facts

  • We offer only USDA Choice and USDA Prime – the highest quality beef grades available.
  • Our cattle are fed locally raised forages and grain for finely marbled, tender, juicy, and delicious beef.
  • We don’t give our animals antibiotics or growth hormones  Never Ever!
  • Our cattle live in natural environments on small farms – receiving individual care for maximum health and higher-quality beef.
  • Our products are grown and processed in Ohio by family businesses full of Buckeye pride and tradition.
  • We follow a seven-day aging process to ensure optimum flavor and tenderness.

Download Fast Facts (pdf)